District Events

Hastings & Rye has a busy district calendar through out the year. We have a number of annual events that take place every year, as well as other frequent events

Gang Show

Hastings Gang Show is performed annually, in November, at the White Rock Theatre, Hastings. Each year we aim to improve the show with special effects and a fun filled programme of Singing, Dancing and Acting. Next year will be no exception!

To learn more about the Hastings & Rye District Gang Show, please visit the gangshow website; hastingsgangshow.org.uk.

St George's Day Parade & Service

This annual event is held on the nearest Sunday to the 23rd of April. St George is the Patron Saint of the Scout Movement and it is during this Service, most frequently held at the White Rock Theatre, that all present and past members of the Scout Movement re- affirm their Scout Promise. The afternoon starts with a Parade of all members, with their escorted flags, to the Service.

In recent years the Service has been wholly planned, prepared & presented by the younger members. The Service is attended by the Hastings Mayor, representatives of the Guide Association and also other local organisation representatives. This the one occasion when the whole of the District, including most of its rural Scout Groups, meet together.

Swimming Gala

This annual event is held at the Hastings Sports Centre in October and is for all Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts, to swim against each other in a fun atmosphere. Opportunities are given, through the evening, for all the members to swim as they wish in free time sessions.

At all times the pool is staffed by the Lifeguards and the various Groups members are closely supervised by their Leaders. Safety in the Scout Movement is a priority requirement in all activities.

The Swimming Gala in recent years is planned, organised and run by the District Scout Fellowship.